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Here at Oakview we are committed to standing for truth and serving in love. We are a balanced church that does not compromise God’s Word while at the same time has a compassionate, loving, and friendly spirit that makes all people feel welcomed and accepted. We exist to carry out the great commission of Jesus Christ in reaching people with the gospel and making disciples of Jesus. We know that every person was created to have a relationship with God and people cannot experience that peace, joy, and victory until they find it in Christ. We believe that the Great Commission of Jesus must be combined with the Great commandment of Jesus to love God and love people.


At Oakview you will find a close spiritual family that loves you and welcomes you with open arms and loving hearts. We believe it is essential for Christians to worship with, serve with, and do life with other fellow Christians to really reach their full potential in Christ. We would love for you to come join us and see how Oakview can help you and your family on your spiritual journey.

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