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At Oakview Baptist church you will feel the love and unity of a close church family that will welcome you with open arms. You will quickly notice that there is a wide variety of ages that range from older mature Christians to young families as well as many young kids. We are so thankful for the younger generation that God has blessed us with and

allowed us the privilege and great responsibility of building in them a foundation of the Word of God. You will be greeted by many members who are truly excited to have you visit as well as a loving Pastor. We normally have special singing that may be southern gospel style or newer contemporary songs that exalt Christ. The pastor will then preach

passionately from the Word of God a powerful message that God spoke to Him that may challenge, convict, encourage and/or strengthen you in your faith. There will be a time of invitation/altar call where you can make a decision/dedication to God or go ask for prayer from the pastor. We would be honored to have you as our guest, and we hope to see you very soon!

Is there a dress code?

Many people wonder and are afraid to ask if there is a dress code. We believe that God is more concerned about your heart than your clothes. There is no set dress code or expectation at Oakview Baptist church. We are not concerned about what people wear as long as it is decent and not distracting. You will notice a wide variety of dress styles from casual to a more traditional “Sunday” dress but our goal is for you to be comfortable and not worried about if you are dressed

according to a certain standard.

What time are services?

We have Sunday School for all ages and spiritual maturity levels at 10:00am. We believe Sunday school is a great tool for discipleship and to be a part of a small group setting where you can grow in your faith together. Our morning worship service starts directly after Sunday school at exactly 11:00am and last typically for about one hour. We also have evening worship service at 6:00Wednesday night kids meet at 6:30 in the gym for games, Bible study, and

food and the adult service also s

tarts at 6:30.


What do you have for the kids?

We believe in investing in our kids and keeping everything fun for them while at the same time not compromising our convictions. We have nursery for kids younger than 4 if needed during Sunday school and worship services. Wednesday night the kids meet at 6:30. We have separate groups for teens and younger kids to play games, a time of Bible study, and dinner. This is a great opportunity for kids to interact with other Christian kids and grow closer to God and each other. Every year we also have Vacation Bible School for kids. We have a tremendous time of fun and lifelong memories with friends. There are also many different activities, rallies, conferences, etc. that your child can be a part of.


What type of music?

We lean towards the traditional hymns for congregational singing but understand that the Holy Spirit can exalt Christ in any song no matter the date it was written. We welcome any song that can engage your mind and spirit in worshipping Christ. For that reason, you may hear a mix of hymns, southern gospel, and contemporary music. 


Am I expected to participate in offering?

No. We do not ask you to visit just to receive an offering from you. In fact if you are an active member of another church we would ask that you give your tithes to your home church. Our mission is not to make money. Our mission is to reach the lost with the gospel and edify believers in the Word of God. 


Do you support missions?

Absolutely! We believe this is the main purpose of the church in fulfilling the great commission of reaching the world with the gospel. We support many different missionaries and missions throughout the world.


If you have any other questions, we would be more than happy to answer them. Please contact us by email or come visit us any time!

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